Assembly Generator is an efficient tool that allows you to optimize the performance of your Unity project. It enables you to generate assembly definition files that help you compartmentalize your code and assets into smaller, more focused assemblies. Assembly definition files are special files that define a group of scripts and assets that should be compiled together into a single assembly. By organizing your code and assets in this way, you can improve the overall performance of your Unity project by reducing the time it takes to load and compile your code and assets. This is particularly useful for large, complex projects that have a lot of code and assets to manage.
Assembly Generator is the ideal solution for creating assembly definition files. It is user-friendly and lightweight, which means that you don't have to spend hours creating assembly definition files manually. To use Assembly Generator, simply open the editor window by going to Tools -> Assembly Generator. Then, just click the "Create Assemblies" button and Assembly Generator will do the rest, generating assembly definition files for all of the directories within the root directory, except for the excluded folder if specified.
Don't waste any more time struggling with manual assembly definition creation! Try Assembly Generator today and see the difference it can make for the performance of your Unity project. With just a few clicks, you can save time, streamline your workflow, and improve the performance of your Unity project.